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On the 2018 BBC series, Remarkable Places to Eat, they feature a Sandwich Shop in Paris
It features Jambon Beurre, a classic simple French sandwich of Ham with Butter on a Baguette, perhaps with cornichons.
The show reveals how they obtain the best ham, the best baguette, the best butter – how the proprietors come from upscale business careers to focus on this simple, but outstanding shop.

So yesterday in Chicago, I ordered “The Parisian,” a Jambon Beurre at La Boulangerie, next to Lycée Français de Chicago (a private French international school) so it must be good. When I ordered sandwiches for a Cubs game last year, my baseball buddy (a very picky sandwich eater) said “too much bread.” I forgot how slow they are at putting the order together.

This is not going to be a good review. I sat on the curb to eat my Jambon Beurre, lots of bread in relation to the ham. The baguette looked like a baguette, but was soft and chewy. The square of ham was shiny and not very generous, very unremarkable.

Several weeks before, I bought some sandwiches at Marianos, choosing the marked-down items approaching expiration. I ordered four sandwiches, and didn’t remember the contents of my fourth sandwich until I ate it. It was ham and it was delicious. And it was Great Ham, not a shiny thin square, but hand sliced pieces of ham which was so memorable.

I Ham Sandwich can be great. Paris has an abundance of Ham (maybe Ham & Cheese, and mustard) baguettes and next time that I am in Paris, I will have a Jambon Beurre

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