Mona Lisa Police

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The Salles des Etates which some say contains the greatest number of masterpieces “of any room in the world”, houses the Mona Lisa as well as the Largest Painting at the Louvre – but it’s mostly dominated by the scrum of tourists moving for position in front of Mona Lisa (to take a picture)
Although I always visit “Lisa” first, when visiting the Louvre, I know that you can’t capture Da Vinci’s painting with a cell phone. For those with cellphone in hand, I am both attracted and repulsed (kinda of a sweet and sour thing, where you can’t look-away) There was this perfect family which had established it’s position in front of the famous painting for a set of shots, perhaps for a Christmas Card (something a little tacky, but something that I might do, if I had a family and had an “I-don’t-care-what-this-looks-like” moment.
To me, this is the more interesting photo. Like an extreme image of poverty, hunger or homelessness, these images of vanity, greed, the absence of civility, the scuffle and commotion
scuffle, polite, manners, civility, vanity, greed, absence

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