17e (Batignolles)

17th arrondissement of Paris
referred to as dix-septième

Batignolle probably means “mill” or “farm”
This independent village was annexed to Paris in 1860 during the reign of the emperor Napoleon III
Sacré Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Les Puces Flea Market
Although this arrondisement is anchored at the Arc de Triomphe, it includes none of the Champs-Élysées

One day we entered the 17th from around the Arc de Triumphe, riding a Vélib’ northward, during a short day visit.
The streets changed rapidly from those along the congested Champs-Élysées, revealing a vibrant retail district
(as opposed to “touristy” storefronts).
There was a wonderful market near the Naturalia health food store (11 Rue Bayen).
Lunch at Le Domaines Qui Motent (22 Rue Cardinet) is always a favorite at these small wine shops which serve a Plat du Jour lunch every day with a great cheese course.

What we like about the 17e:

Les Domaines Qui Montent 22 rue Cardinet (Métro: Courcelles / Wagram)
Naturalia 11 Rue Bayen (Métro: Ternes)
Square des Batignolles (Paris Walking Tours)
Batignolles Cemetery

17th arrondissement of Paris (wikipedia)
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