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Walking Tours and Maps

Great Walks of Paris (TimeOut)
-The path to modernity: A walk past some of Paris’s best modernist architecture (Architectural Walk)
-The path to purgatory: A walk through Revolutionary Paris (Revelutionary Walk)
-Père-Lachaise: The last resting place of some of France’s most illustrious corpses
-Dead famous: A walk past some grisly Parisian relics (Relics Walk)
(Provides details to utilize the Paris Vélib bike sharing system, so this becomes a bike tour!)
-Literary lions: From bouquinistes to famous writers in St-Germain (Literary Walk)
-A walk through Montmartre: Explore sex, death and art on your walk through Paris (Montmartre Walk)
-Walk like the man: Go for a stroll through the city’s vibrant left bank, the Hemingway way (Hemingway Walk)
-Walking for Godot: A personal pilgrimage in the footsteps of Samuel Beckett (Beckett Walk)

Walking Tours in Paris (Frommers)
-The Latin Quarter
-Le Marais

Paris Walking Tours (National Geographic)
-Secrets Along the Seine
-Le Marais

Places to Visit (A Paris Guide)
-Le Marais
-An Alternative Side of Paris

Versailles Discovery Trails (Versailles Touristm Office)

flâner technically means “to stroll,” it more generally suggests “to walk the city in order to experience it”

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