86 Statutes of Famous Men (Louvre)

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Some of the detail of Paris Architecture is overwhelming
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Also Called
Illustrious Men

There is a Bric-à-brac of ornamentation on the exterior of the Louvre

Statutes of 86 Famous Men (no women?)
and the Puti

The Famous Men are a series of 86 statues
installed on the wings of courtyard of the Louvre.

These new wings of 1852–1857, by architects Louis Visconti and Hector Lefuel, represent the Second Empire’s version of Neo-baroque, full of detail. The extensive sculptural program includes multiple pediments and a series of 86 statues of famous men, each one labelled. These include:

historian Philippe de Commines, by Eugène-Louis Lequesne
naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, by Eugène André Oudiné
chemist Antoine Lavoisier, by Jacques-Léonard Maillet
historian Jacques-Auguste de Thou, by Louis Auguste Deligand
philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, by Jean-Baptiste Farochon
Marquis de Vauban, by Gustave Crauck

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