Food Markets of Paris

When we visit the Paris markets in December, they aren’t too different from Farmer’s Markets in Chicago
(It isn’t the best season for produce)
You will find amazing cheese, seafood, charcuterie and uniquely French produce like mache (a lettuce)
Actually, I prefer to shop in the grocery stores

One thing I haven’t found in American farmers markets is roasted beets
(and this is probably because of the FDA or food and sanitation laws)
but you will find roasted beets, out in the open air, the skin has been removed
it’s an adult “thing” which I never appreciated beets as a child
but some roasted beets, with good French goat cheese on a baguette, topped with a little mache –
it’s my “Market Breakfast”

Paris Markets
Chocolate & Zucchini a blog written by Clotilde Dusoulier
Turning the Hunt Into a Trip to the Market: Elaine Sciolino (Letter from Paris: New York Times)
The Market.jpg


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