Getting Around

Ride the RER B Train from CDG to the center of Paris (with a single RER ticket)
Buy a pack (“car-nay”) of 10 individal Metro tickets for daily rides in the city
(or use a weekly Metro Navigo Découverte Card from Monday through Sunday)
Ride a Vélib’ bicycle to experience Paris from a new perspective
Train rides are free from late afternoon New Years Eve through New Years Day
(so it’s a free ride back to the Airport)

Fly to Paris

Train into Paris (RER Trains)

Paris Metro (Subway Trains)

Bicycle Paris

Run Paris

Paris on Foot

Paris Metro Map

Navigo Découverte Card

Vélib’: Paris Bike Sharing System

Citroën Méhari

Know Before You Go (National Geographic: Intelligent Travel)

2018 Paris Itinerary

Learn More
Contact Us

Paris Memos (mailing list)
Waiting List Tati Velib COLORLady MetroCOLOR2CDG-1Metro

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