Museum Pass

Paris Museum Pass
the intermusées association

We no longer buy the Paris Museum Pass – it seems as everyone has one and the line is long
Instead we buy a specific time of entry OR a Museum Tour (which includes admission)

Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is a good deal
It saves hours spent waiting in the December air of the ticket cue
In most cases, there is a separate (shorter) line for the museum pass
It encourages a short visit to an additional attraction

Buy your pass as soon as you arrive at the airport, or other booths and kiosks
I’ve never seen a line at the airport booth, compared to the cue for Spectacles (shows and events) at Department Stores, etc.
You choose a 2 day, 4 day or 6 day pass, good for consecutive days
You fill-in the date and the pass becomes active

Before you choose museum days for the pass, check to see when museums are closed
That long line in the underground passage to the Arc de Triomphe is for those who don’t have tickets
New Years Eve afternoon, holidays and weekends can produce crazy lines
The Eiffel Tower line always seems prohibitive, an all day thing (NOT covered by the Museum Pass)


How to Skip the Longest Lines in Paris: Wendy Perrin (Condé Naste Traveler)

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