1e (Louvre)

premier (first/the first).
Louvre is believed to mean fortified camp or fort and refers to the fortress of Philip II in the 12th century which developed into the the Louvre Palace and finally the Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum, Sainte-Chapelle, Place de la Concorde
1st arrondissement of Paris

Districts (Quarters) within the 1st arrondissement

  • Quartier Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois
  • Quartier Les Halles
  • Quartier Palais-Royal
  • Quartier Place Vendôme

1st arrondissement of Paris (wikipedia)
Louvre Palace (wikipedia)
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Le Fumoir 10 Things to Do in Paris (Time)

The Top 10 Things to Do in Louvre-Tuileries, Paris

Best Things To See And Do In Paris’ 1st Arrondissement

Book: Murder in the Palais Royal (Cara Black)

2018 Paris Itinerary

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