7e (Invalides)

7th arrondissement of Paris

Invalides is:
-Musee D’Orsay
-Napoleon’s Tomb (The Dome) at Invalides
-The Eiffel Tower
-Champ (field) de Mars (Cara Black: Murder on the Champs de Mars)
-Bon Marché
and some of our favorite streets . . .
Rue du Bac (to which we travel before museum visits to D’Orsay)
Eric Kayser Bakery (Pan au Chocolate, Macaroons and Baguette au Cereal)
Boulevard Raspall (which is the perfect morning run into Paris from Monparnasse


Rue Cler
A True Parisian Market Street (tripadvisor)
The Most Famous Market Street in Paris! (Paris Perfect)

7th arrondissement of Paris (wikipedia)
Travel Guide (wikitravel)

2018 Paris Itinerary

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