Velib’ (Bike Share)

Vélib’ (large-scale public bicycle sharing system in Paris)
Tati Velib COLOR.jpg
We have learned through our travels (in Paris, New York and London) that it is important to activate your bike pass as soon as possible. You’ll see how easy (and how much fun) it is to bike. Otherwise, we tend to keep putting-it-off.
It is a tragedy not to ride the Velib as much as possible.

With the transit strikes of 2019, we hope to utilize Velib’ as alternative transportation, maybe packing a messenger bag instead of a suitcase so that traveling with a suitcase is not a problem.

Buy a 7 -Day Ticket Online, to obtain a subscriber number and pin code:
Vélib’: Paris Municipal Bike Scheme
(you can also buy a 1-Day Ticket) or buy a longer term plan and link it to your Card Navigo

The first 30 minutes of each trip are free
So move from station to station, in short trips of less than 30 minutes

Find a Station
If you arrive at a station which is full, log-in and obtain and extra 15 minutes (and find another station

How to Ride a Bike in Paris: Anna Brones (Gadling)

Vélib’ (wikipedia)


2018 Paris Itinerary

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