Paris for the Holidays

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Travel to Paris Friday, December 23rd, arriving Christmas Eve.
Return on New Years Day, after spending ten nights in Paris.

Our itinerary is vigorous, so pack light and efficiently with only your carry-on. We stay in four different hotels during the week, dispersed among various arrondissements and suggest that all travelers obtain a Paris Museum Pass, to join our excursions.

We will travel by Metro, Vélib’ (bike-share) and on foot, which is the best way to get lost in Paris

There are several benefits associated with our group. These include assistance with your preparation of the trip and creating a group community prior to our departure. There will be someone to share daily experiences, visit a bar, take in a movie or tour the Opera House.

You always have the option of spending a day on your own or suggesting a departure from the itinerary.

2018 Paris Itinerary

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