20e (Pere Lachaise)

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Part of Belleville, Street Art

We like the 20th Arondisement because of the Cemetery (perhaps one of the World’s Best
We like areas situated at the terminus of transit lines
(these are not typically tourist areas)

Metro 3 – Porte de Bagnolet
One of our favorite hotels is located just east (outside) 20E
It is big, it is contemporary, the rooms (and bathtub) is twice as big as other Paris hotels

Metro 3 Gambetta
This Metro Stop is on the up-hill side of Pere-LaChaise Cemetery
So suggest that you enter Pere-LaChaise here, then walk downhill
There is a McDonald’s, a Post Office, a Bank and down a side road a good bakery for Pain d’Epice (Spice Bread) Gingerbread

Metro 3 Pere-LaChaise
There is sometimes a table outside of the cemetery entrance with cemetery maps
Up Boulevard de Charonne is a typical small grocery
At the intersection of Rue Gambetta is an interesting meat store roasting chickens
But more interesting was an very old-style deli selling sausage and cheese
(the proprietor behind the counter could barely move – she sold some highly aged sausages and had a very loyal new years eve clientel)



Le Bistrot de Soupirs on rue de la Chine


Best Things To See And Do In Paris’ 20th Arrondissement

Streets ahead: Bagnolet in Paris https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2008/aug/16/paris.france?CMP=share_btn_tw

Running Bagnolet

Shedding a Seedy Past in Paris https://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2012/06/10/travel/20120610_SURFACING.html

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