Bread (Pain)

Je ne sais quoi – “I don’t know what”


Top Boulangères

Le Grenier à Pain – Les Abbesses (“the bread attic”)


Best Bakeries in Paris: Aedin Mac Devitt (Paris Travel –

Five Best Breads in Paris: Kerstin Rodgers (Marmite Lover)

Best Boulangères in Paris: Linda Dannenberg (T+L –

Baguettes (Paris by Mouth)

How to Find a Good Baguette in Paris: David Lebowitz (Living the Sweet Life in Paris)

Best Bread in the World – Poilâne, Paris: Curtis Marsh (The Wandering Palate)

Paradis du Gourmand – Where to find the best baguette in Paris: Afp Relaxnews
(New York Eats – Daily News)

French Breads wikipedia

2018 Paris Itinerary

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