Bread (Pain)

One of my attractions to Paris, is that, it is a place in-love with it’s “bread”
(In this world where glutten is a bad word -I love bread)

i love bread
especially fermented french bread
i love to bake bread
and i love toast
(toast is best when it is burnt)

Je ne sais quoi – “I don’t know what”

Le Grenier

Top Boulangères

Le Grenier à Pain – Les Abbesses (“the bread attic”) Our Favorite


Grand prix de la baguette de la tradition française de la ville de Paris
Competition for the best baguette in Paris

Best Bakeries in Paris: Aedin Mac Devitt (Paris Travel –

Five Best Breads in Paris: Kerstin Rodgers (Marmite Lover)

Best Boulangères in Paris: Linda Dannenberg (T+L –

Baguettes (Paris by Mouth)

How to Find a Good Baguette in Paris: David Lebowitz (Living the Sweet Life in Paris)

Best Bread in the World – Poilâne, Paris: Curtis Marsh (The Wandering Palate)

Paradis du Gourmand – Where to find the best baguette in Paris: Afp Relaxnews
(New York Eats – Daily News)



French Breads wikipedia
Bread GypsyMan Media

“un pain – c’est presque comme un enfant” – “a loaf – it’s almost like a child”

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