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We spent some time with a new friend, a wise woman in a retirement home. For some reason the conversation quickly turned to Paris. She said it was disrespectful for us to visit Paris, and not know the language. We could redirect that towards people we meet on the streets of Chicago, or we could focus and Learn French.

Although we subscribe to TV5Monde, watch the Tour de France over the summer, Tweet articles of interest, love French history and cinema – another year has passed where we have not progressed beyond the basic phases of survival. We are exploring French language Meet Ups, perhaps “a little, too late.”

I don’t speak the language, will that be an issue?

French Language Lessons Online bbc.com

Lawless French Laura K. Lawless

French Language About.com

French “Word-A-Day”
Serving you a daily thrice-weekly slice of French life

Word of the Day FrenchPod101.com

Basic French Words Love-to-Know French

French expressions you won’t learn at school Globule

Babbel Online French Classes

Alliance Française Multi-city network to promote the French language and francophone cultures

Triplingo Smartphone App

Dictionary of Pronunciation howjsay.com

News in Slow French newsinslowfrench.com

French Phrases Nichole Gebera (Pinterest)

Or, Translate a website from French into English Google
Or, watch a French film . . .
Or, listen to a French song . . .

7% of the World speaks French (wiki)

2018 Paris Itinerary

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One thought on “Learn French

    Monsieur Ledoux said:
    November 29, 2015 at 10:13 am

    Bonjour !
    Pierre de Chicago
    French Teacher,
    /former French Instructor at Alliance Française/
    French Private Lessons,
    also by phone and on Skype /Monsieur Ledoux/
    phone: 808.264.2627.

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