La Défense

lah dee-F(ah)NCE

La Défense is a modern commercial area west of Paris

La Defense

Although outside of the 20 arrondisements, La Défense is accessible by the (main east-west) Metro “Yellow” Line #1 which travels into Paris, under the Louvre and far east to Port de Vincennes (think Charlie Hebdo)

The Grande Arche de la Défense, one of Paris’s modern architectural wonders, lines up perfectly with the Louvre, down the Champs Elysee through the Arc de Triomphe

Like the summit of the “butte Montmartre”, La Défense sits on high ground looking over Paris with a perfect perspective of the Eiffel Tower

La Défense (wikipedia)
Travel Guide (wikitravel)

2016 Paris Itinerary

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