CDG (The Airport)

“In the airports in Europe, all the men are wearing long pants. No pajamas, no shorts, no baseball caps – so they’re actually dressed like men, as opposed to boys.”
-Fran Lebowitz

Flying into Paris
Taking the train into Paris

Charles de GaulleDe_Gaulle
How Charles de Gaulle Rescued France The New Yorker

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”
― Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle International Paris Airport is named after the French World War II General, eventually President of France (1890-1970)

International flights are typically on large jets, with long lines at the baggage claim
We recommend that you travel with a small carry-on bag to bypass baggage check-in and claim.
Avoid knifes and corkscrews, bottles of perfume, flammables and liquids over 2 ounces to pass through security.

Take care of some business while at the airport:
-Buy Paris Museum Pass at the Tourist Information Center
(Much easier than waiting in line somewhere else)
-Buy French Postcard Stamps (which have more character than international stamps you might bring from home)
-Buy Metro Pass or Fare Tickets (you need a passport sized photo to purchase a carte navigo)

Travel on the RER (B3 Train) into Paris through it’s suburbs
(which always feels like I’m traveling through the suburbs into an American city)

Transfer at the Châtelet stop, eventually ascending stairs into the Paris that you have always pictured
(actually I recommend that you leave the train before Paris and travel directly to you hotel)

A well known travel guide suggests that you go directly to Notre Dame (the center of the city) upon arrival.
I’ve done that and don’t recommend it after a long flight, whist dragging travel bag – it’s especially crowded too.
I say: Check-In, and Drop-The-Bags at your hotel before heading out into Paris.

Consider doing some of your gift shopping at the airport on the way out of town
Yes, it is impersonal and predictable, but it cheaper and smart, especially for perfume
(and you avoid lugging these packages around during your time in Paris)

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