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cemeteries, columbariums, crypts and catacombs

Pere Lachaise

We get-to-know Paris by learning of its former residents: it’s kings and queens, academicians, artists and other notables.

A grave marker often sparks our curiosity to delve into history and explore

Père Lachaise
provides one of the world’s great cemeteries (Édith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Marceau, Amedeo Modigliani, Jim Morrison, Maria Callas)
Cemeteries in other arrondissements include Montmartre (North), Montparnasse (South) and Passey (West)
The crypts in the Panthéon and Les Invalides house the remains for some of its elite
The Basilica of Saint Denis pays tribute to its royalty with an extensive display of cadaver tombs
The famous Paris Catacombs are among it’s several ossuary
Cimetière de Picpus, a private cemetery (12e) contains the mass graves of 1,306 victims of the guillotine, executed during the Reign of Terror. It also holds the tomb of General Lafayette, friend of George Washington, who fought with him during the American Revolutionary War.

Although we don’t associate moderation with Paris, we advise that you balance your cemetery visits with the other vibrant and lively aspects of Paris

Les Tour de Cimetières
Graceland Cemetery
Paris Cemeteries

Père Lachaise
Les Invalides
Basilica of Saint Denis
Basilica of Saint Denis

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Tomb of Théodore Géricault at Père Lachaise Cemetery in ParisCe

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