First Paris Meal

At one time, we suggested Breakfast upon arrival into a new city.
Turns out, it ain’t such a good idea.
To eat-a-lot or drink-a-lot is counter productive to transatlantic travel
(reference: “jet-lag”)

Julia Child: Fresh Food (National Public Radio)
Oysters on the Half Shell

Sally Hayden and Natalie Whittle: My Paris: favourite restaurants, cafés, food shops and markets (Finanacial Times)
Where do the locals buy their baguettes, stop for coffee or have a blowout dinner? Here are some ‘bonnes adresses’ to remember Sylvia Whitman, Owner of Shakespeare & Company bookshop et al.

Eric Asimov: Diner’s Journal (New York Times)
An Omelet, with a glass of house Beaujolais

They serve you dinner on the flight across-the-Atlantic and after several hours with the lights-out, they serve you breakfast before landing in Paris
(hopefully this is the only tough, soft faux croissant that you will be asked to swallow during this adventure)
It may be 9:00am in Paris, but your body is telling you that it is only 2:00am. It is simply not the best time to enjoy your First Paris Meal.

But there is a shortage of normal low-key weekdays during this time-of-the-year in Paris
Instead, there are weekends and holidays and some restaurants are closed.
So it is tempting to have a snack at Au Pied de Cochon or maybe this is your only chance to visit Chez Denis

Instead, we check-in to our room in Montmartre, maybe take one of our our only baths of the year. Then head to a great bakery (“Boulangerie”) with a reassuring line snaking out the door. We buy the first of many baguettes, then purchase Dijon mustard and Chaussee aux Moines (cheese) at a convenience store.
Le Grenier

David Lebovitz lists handmade butter from Brittany (Jean-Yves Bordier Butter) as one of things you shouldn’t miss in Paris, but (like-a-mouse) we always go for the cheese.

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