Cheese (Fromage)

We repeatedly hear how wine is cheaper than soft drinks in Paris, which hasn’t been confirmed.
The variety of Cheese at a common Paris grocery store is delightful and affordable
For this reason, we have sidestepped the Fromageries which deal only in Cheese
(these “cheese shops” look expensive, but we admit this reasoning could be seriously flawed)

French Cheese Map
Chaussee aux Moines (for no logical reason, this is our go-to Cheese in Paris)

Clotilde Dusoulier Chocolate and Zucchini (cnz)
France’s most popular cheese Comté
Paris Cheese Shop How-To 6 Tips to Buy Cheese Like The French
The Cheese Geek’s Guide to Affinage

Adventures in Cheese
10 Days of Cheese
12 Days of Cheese (Whole Foods)

Cheese List Gypsyman Media

Steve Jenkins the cheesemonger (The Splendid Table, Lynn Rossetto Casper)
Paris Cheese Shops
Christmas Cheese
French Gaperon: Steve Jenkins (Splendid Table – APR)

David Lebovitz living the sweet life in Paris
Mont d’Or the holy grail of French raw milk cheeses
Camembert de Normandie (“goopy”)
French Cheese Archive A Wealth of Posts Related to Cheese(David Lebovitz)

The Splendid Table (NPR Radio)
The Cheese Episode February 22nd 2019
Warm Goat Cheese Salad Ethel Brennan and Sara Remington, Paris to Provence

List of French Cheeses: Marye Audet
10 French Cheeses Rachel Hanson

Who Cut the Cheese? Paris Wise
How to Slice Every Shape of Cheese Huffington Post
List of French Cheeses wikipedia

Do You Eat the Crust on Cheese?

Making Cheese


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