Cafes & Coffee

The Guardian (London)
10 of the best cafes in Paris: Clotilde Dusoulier (2011 Paris City Guide: The Guardian)
Top 10 Paris pavement cafes: John Brunton (2009 Paris City Guide: The Guardian)
Cafe Deux Magots

The Sunday Times (London)
Coffee and culture in Paris: Anna Brooke

We don’t understand the politics of the coffee and espresso in Paris, whether to sit at a table or sit at the counter – the waiting, the tipping, the pricing. So frequently we just visit a McDonalds and purchase a delicious Café allongé, orange juice (jus d’orange) and a Pain au chocolat – the proper term for a Chocolate Croissant
(Maybe this is our form of protest or maybe . . . we just don’t get it . . . yet)

A Recent Paris McDonald’s Receipt (Louvre Rivoli)
2.60 Euros Pause Douceur (Sweetness Break)
-Pain Chocolat
-Cafe Allonge

2.80 Jus Orange

After becoming very familiar with Coffee Bars (Liquor Bars that serve espresso in the morning) in Spain. I walked into Le Chat Noir and pulled up along the gathering there. For I while, I felt ignored (as is usual maybe because I am not one of the regulars) but eventually I was greeted, and ordered a Café allongé with a pan au chocolate (I was corrected that there is a hard “g” on allongé and they only had a plate of croissants. I solved the french language deficiency, by putting 10e on the counter when I was ready to leave. (4e for a quick morning coffee)

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