Paris on a Budget

During our brief visit to Paris, we’ve found some correlation between time and money. Although budgeting your time is an important factor, here are some ways to save money in Paris:

10 Simple Ways to Save Money in Paris: Tom Meyers (Huntington Post)
Free Attractions and Things to Do The Telegraph (Paris Guide)

Cheap Hotels in Paris (Eurocheapo)
Air BNB Paris ($48.00 per night for shared room)

Best Budget French Restaurants in Paris
Top 10 budget restaurants and bistros in Paris The Guardian (2014)
Paris’s Best Cheap Restaurants The Telegraph (2014)
Best Cheap Eats in Paris Four Jandals (2014)
Best Budget French Restaurants in Paris
Top 10 Places to Eat in Paris on a Student Budget The Daily Meal

Chartier, L’As du Flafel, Bistot Victoires, Breizh Cafe, A la Biche au Bois, Chez Hanna, Le Bambou, Chez Omar, Rose Bakery

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