Versailles is a great opportunity to travel outside of Paris, but still be within a reasonable one-hour train ride. We can take a early morning train into Paris arriving before Le Louvre opens. (Traveling to London or Amsterdam, obviously requires a more substantial investment in time)
Marie Antoinette
Château de Versailles

Versailles can be VERY congested
the narrow thresholds between rooms in the Chateau form an endless series of bottlecks
As with most things Paris, weekends are especially congested and Versailles is closed on Mondays

On our first visit, we found the front courtyard consumed by a extraordinary long line snaking up and down. We will never wait in that line again and instead decided to include Versailles as a place to stay for two nights.
(we can walk-over and check-out the line)

Apollo Fountain.jpg

Les Jardins du château de Versailles (The Gardens of Versailles)

On the positive side of the ledger, when the Gardens of Versailles open at 7:00, we are there in running shoes with these historic gardens “all-to-ourselves.” If you are a jogger – this is bliss.

Being outside of Paris, great rooms are available at an affordable price. You can walk from your hotel, down the lane later in the day when the lines are reasonable. However, the congestion inside the Palace is never reasonable, so be prepared to shuffle through small crowded spaces and bottlenecks.

Paris Side Trips: Versailles 10 Things to Do in Paris (Time)

RER C5 to Versailles – Rive Gauche
Chateau de Versailles Station
(Paris Regional RER train system)

Approach to the Palace of Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France

Palace of Versailles (wikipedia)
Travel Guide (wikitravel)

2018 Paris Itinerary

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