Chocolate & Candy

We really don’t like candy (or so we say) A peppermint hard candy or red hot atomic fire ball is our peference. But chocolate can be nice. We enjoy our annual trip to McDonald’s in Paris for a Cafe Allonge, Jus d’Orange and a Pain au chocolat. I don’t have to deal with the politics of a Paris cafe, whether to sit at the bar or a table, how much to tip, ettiquette, etc (but things changes and self improvement is always encouraged)

We are always looking for the special Paris product which we can’t obtain in Chicago

Maxim’s Chocolate (can be purchased on Amazon)
While exiting the Louvre through the Carrousel du Louvre mall we found a Maxim’s Chocolate shop with a large variety of affordable chocolates
We like dark chocolate and found small chocolate squares with crunchy grains of cocoa beans (fèves de cacao) They are similar to our favorite Ghirardelli Chocolate squares, and of course they are labeled Paris, France
We realize that Maxim’s is probably is corporate image and mass produced, although they produce an affordable product, which you could probably buy in Chicago
A small square of chocolate fits into a Birthday Cards and still be mailed with a 1st Class Stamp

Nougatine is not so popular in Chicago – it is in the catagory of Meringue, Nougat, Divinity, cut into square pieces. We found a candy shop near the famous Berthillon ice cream shop on the Ile Saint-Louis. Nougatine was available in all kinds of flavors, with nuts and fruits, floral flavorings, etc.

We read that there are magnificent caramels in a wide range of flavors, some illegal

Vending Machines
I am always interested in items available in Metro Vending Machines. Seems to be a bounty of Sour Candies and a “Waffle” which I gave to my sister, she said it was the best thing that I brought back