6e (Luxembourg)

6th arrondissement of Paris
referred to as sixième


Luxembourg Garden, Saint Germain des Prés, Art Galleries
Luxembourg gardens

What we like about the 6e:

Church of Saint-Sulpice 2 Rue Palatine
On New Years Eve 2013 we attended a New Years Eve concert in the second largest church in Paris
(Notre Dame is #1) known for it’s organ.
Mozart’s Requium was fantastic!
although the congestion entering the foyer was some of the worst that we experienced.
I’ve heard say that aversion to waiting-in-lines is a symptom of “old age”
Perhaps it is also a sign of Wisdom

Machon d’Henri on rue Guissarde

Shakespeare and Company 10 Things to Do in Paris (Time)

6th arrondissement of Paris (wikipedia)
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2018 Paris Itinerary

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