Why do we visit Paris Cemeteries?

Paris cemeteries are beautiful, mysterious and unique places.
When we visit Paris in December, the other parks are somewhat dormant, the gardens of Versailles are wrapped-up, the fountains winterized. But the Cemeteries of Paris do not suffer from the season with their the monuments and landscaping. There is always something new to see. It is good to take a map and compass, to practice orienteering whist locating a particular grave site.

Also, a curiosity with cemeteries arises from our interest in history
When we descend into the crypts of the Pantheon where the best of Paris rest, questions mount. We ask ourselves why we don’t know these people worth knowing and we look for the answers.

Cemetery Maps
We expected that Cemetery Maps would be available at nearby newspaper stands. They are not. There are several large signs within the cemetery, but no maps are distributed (except at the Montmartre cemetery)
Occasionally a card-table is set-up outside of Pere LaChaise on the way to the Pere LaChaise Metro Station, the maps are great, but some days they are not set-up.

The Big Three Cemeteries (Graveyard Junkies)

1) Père Lachaise Cemetery (20e)

2) Montparnasse Cemetery (14e)

3) Montmartre Cemetery (18e)

4) Picpus Cemetery (12e)

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Batignolles cemetery (Arc de Triomphe)
Cimetiere de Bourget (Sacre Couer)
Cimetière du Calvaire (18e)
Cimetière Saint-Vincent (18e)
Cimetière de Saint-Ouen associated with Joan of Arc

Cimetière de Passy (Eiffel Tower (16e)

The City of Paris website, has over 30 assorted cemetery maps
Cimetières (Maps)
City of Paris (Ville de Paris) Paris.fr
(contains over 30 cemetery maps)


Visiting Paris Cemeteries
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