Church Concerts
You can buy affordable tickets to classical church concerts. We have gone to two (2) and our experience has lead us to search for alternatives


The 1st performance was at Saint Chapelle, which we recommend.
It may be easier to get into this church through a concert, than during the day, when the line is formidable. Unfortunately, you can’t see the stained glass windows when it is dark. This is a small church, so none of the seats are bad. Get there early. These events are mass produced and have open seating. We chose a performance with a Christmas theme (including Ave Maria) and we were served Viennese Waltzes. Not so bad, strangely reminiscent of PBS fundraisers, but it was not what we were looking for. (read the fine print, performances may vary for those advertised) Disappointing

The 2nd performance was at Saint Sulpice, Mozart’s Requiem on New Years Eve. Monstrous, impressive, grand and renowned church. Unfortunately, so big, that the affordable seats were really bad. Open seating and lines are scary in Paris, perhaps the largest tourist city in the world. By a fluke, we complained about the program listing – lost in translation – we were allowed to sit WAY-UP-FRONT next to the orchestra and soloists. Once there, it was one of the greatest concerts of our lives. At the price of those seats, there are some good alternatives, without the crazy stockyard free-for-all, just to get into the church. We felt these events are poorly managed (but probably make a lot of money)

Opéra Comique
Die Fleidermaus
Le Comte Ory
There are two larger opera houses in Paris, we tried to find seats there, the price was crazy and the seats were bad. This is a beautiful and historic venue. We sat among Parisians, it didn’t feel touristy (which is the Gold Standard for us) if anything, it was too French. We’d gladly return each year for the Sunday matinee, but Opera Comique is closed for renovation this year.

Theatre Mogidor
Last year, at the last moment, we discovered a performance of Le Bal des Vampire. Another historic venue, Broadway disaster, there is a film directed by Roman Pulanski, who also directs this play! For us it could be reminiscent of a scene from Interview with a Vampire. Great, Great, Great

So this year, we are sniffing around for something special. Looked at Singing in the Rain, downtown and reminiscent of An American in Paris, with such success that it moved onto Broadway. Singing in the Rain is downtown in the tourist district, expensive tickets are available for bad seats. So we looked back to the Theatre Mogador and found Cats, Le Musicale. We have avoided Cats, but at the Theatre Mogador in Paris, performed in French, on New Years Eve. That is something we would like to see.

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