Evening Hours

Certain Museum Venues have Evening Hours:
or present Music Performances
La Gionconda in the Denon wing at Le Louvre

(luhn-DEE) – Monday

Mardi: Mardi (mahr-DEE) – Tuesday

Mercredi: (mehr-kruh-DEE) – Wednesday
Louvre till 9:45

Jeudi: (juh-DEE) – Thursday
Musee d’Orsay till 9:45

Vendredi: (vahn-druh-DEE) – Friday
Louvre till 9:45
Pompidou till 7:00 Apr-Oct

Samedi: (sahm-DEE) – Saturday
Pompidou till 7:00 Apr-Oct

Dimanche: (dee-MAHNSH) – Sunday
Pompidou till 7:00 Apr-Oct

Regular Museum Hours
Open or Closed

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