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Wine Bars

Wine Tasting
How Science Saved Me from Pretending to Love Wine Anne Fadiman (The New Yorker)

French Wines
Sparkling Wines (Splendid Table: APM)
White Wines: Josh Wesson (Splendid Table – APM)
Unsung White Wines: Josh Wesson (Splendid Table: APM)

Holiday Wine Recommendations: Josh Wesson (Splendid Table: APM)
Good Cheap Wine Picks: Phil Silverstone (Splendid Table: APM)

Château de Domazin Côtes du Rhône
Charles de Fère Sparkling Wine (Blanc de Blancs Brut ‘Cuvée Jean-Louis’ – Loire)

French Liqeurs
French Spirits
French Cocktails

French Beers
Sessionable Beer
French Table Beer

Acquainted with Butterflies Saison de Table, Corridor Brewery, Chicago

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