École de Paris

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School of Paris (Art Movement)
French and émigré artists who worked in Paris in the first half of the 20th century

James Voorhies Department of European Paintings
Essay (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973)
Joan Miró (1893–1983
Giorgio de Chirico (1888–1978)
Amedeo Modigliani (1884–1920)
Constantin Brancusi (1876–1957)
Chaim Soutine (1893–1943)
Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980)
Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980)
Marc Chagall (1887–1985)
Fernand Léger(1881–1955)
Robert Delaunay (1885–1941)

Worked in tandem with French luminaries such as:
Henri Matisse(1869–1954)
André Derain (1880–1954)
Pierre Bonnard (1867–1947)
Jean Dubuffet (1901–1985)

Ponts de Paris (Bridges)

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The Bridges of Paris
The Simone-de-Beauvoir footbridge, Paris

eThe Simone-de-Beuvoir frootbridge

(Photo: maéli/Flickr)
We could have picked so many famous bridges from Paris, but we decided to go with one of the lesser known ones.
This bridge is the most modern on the list, completed in 2006. It’s a bridge reserved especially for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the River Seine. The roller coaster-like design means you’ll probably see budding photographers lying down trying to catch some awesome effects. Watch your step.
Find it close to the Quai de la Gare Metro station, linking the 12th and 13th arrondissements of Paris.

Alma Bridge Statute

The Lonely Zouave on Pont de l’Alma










Soutine (Chaim Soutine)

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“My paintings are a heap of shit, but better than Modigliani, Marc Chagall, and Krémènge”


We like the paintings of Soutine
-because he is a less well-known
-his images are a little crooked, though distinct and recognizable
-the use of bold and deep color
-and he is buried in Paris (Montparnasse Cemetery)

Carcass by Soutine (1925)

22 Paintings by Chaim Soutine Musée de l’Orangerie

Palace of King Sargon II (Louvre)

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Near Eastern Antiquities

Khan Academy

Cour Khorsabad
Richelieu wing
Ground floor
Room 4

Palace of Sargon II Impressions Travelogue

Frieze of the Transportation of Timber (Mesopotamia) (Louvre)

Winged human-headed bull (Louvre)

The Hero Overpowering a Lion (Louvre)

Portes de Paris (City Gates)

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City gates of Paris

The Clichy Gate, The Defence of Paris, 30 March 1814
Defence of the Toll-Gate at Clichy
Artist: VERNET Horace

Thiers wall

e (Arrondisments)

Visitor Trails (Louvre)

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The Louvre Website lists thematic trails, providing directions for a self-guided tour

Vistor Trails
28 Suggested Tours (Visitor Trails), providing an overview of collected works, based on different themes

Which include:

The Art of Eating

Christmas Show

Christmas Story

The Louvre in Popular Culture
The Da Vinci Code (Book)
will.i.am (Video)

The Louvre as a Palace and Living Space


Rennaisance Art

Fontaines de Paris (Fountains)

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Paris Fountains

Stravinsky Fountain Centre Pompidou
Fontaine des Automates A View on Cities

Luxenbourg (6e)
La fontaine Médicis Paris By Foot

Pantheon (5e)
The Story Behind The Saint Michel Fountain Paris By Foot

La Defense
Fontaine Esplanade de la Defense
Fontaine d’Agam

Les Halles (1e)
Fontaine des Innocents
Fontaine des Innocents.jpg

Montmartre (18e)
Fountain Square Suzanne Buisson Walking Tour of Montmartre (Rather Luvly)
The fountain consists of a semi-circular basin, dominated by the stone statue of Saint-Denis holding his head in his hands. According to legend, it is at this holy place where he washed his head after decapitation in 280. Thereafter he continued on his way – head under his arm, to (a location to become) the crypt of the Saint-Denis basilica , where he was buried

Apollo Fountain
Apollo Fountain