Denon Wing (Louvre)

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Denon Wing Aile Denon
(named after the first Director of the Louvre museum, appointed by Napoleon)
The South Wing of Le Louvre, which extends along the Seine
Perhaps the most popular area of the musueum

Baron Denon

Baron Denon Dominique Vivant Denon
buried in the Pere LaChaise Cemetery, where is grave is marked by a life-sized statue

Lower Ground Floor “Rez-de-Chaussee”
-Classical and Italian Sculpture
Ground Floor “Entresol” (Mezzanine above the ground floor)
-Classical and Italian Sculpture
1st Floor “1er Etage” 2nd Floor
Grande Gallerie, the famous 19th century French large-format paintings and the Mona Lisa
2nd Floor “2me Etage” 3rd Floor

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