Prep and Packing

In recent years technology has changed
Credit Card with Chips are now more standard
International Cell Phone Plans may no longer required

You will still want to Notify Credit Cards of Travel to France

Carry On Bags (no serated or sharp knifes, cork screws, flammable perfumes, or liquids over 2 ounces)

Do not bring
Sharp Knife (we buy in Paris)
Corkscrew (we buy in Paris)

We bring:
Spoon and Fork
Butter Knife (without serrations)
A Glass
Extra Powdered Coffee

When we stay in independent hotels, apartments, we bring a sanitizer or soap to wipe down surfaces (no necessary where we stay)

Presentable and Nice Clothes
We made a reservation at Alain Ducase Lyonaise restaurant, decided against it, cancelled it, then decided to go anyway, while we were wearing running shoes
They walked us through the front dining room into the empty back bar (a good lesson)

It is our practice to wear our best “check-in” clothes when we arrive for check-in
Paris is a place where you can dress-up
A Scarf is very common

Take shoes off on plane
Die Hard, take off socks and dig into carpet during take-off

Ear Buds with offset Connection (show a picture)
Load Up the App so you can view movies
or load up books and movies

The Plane Ride
The Train Ride

Take Inventory
A Box of Clothes Ready to Go

Clean Socks
Gloves and Hat and Scarf
New Fleece

Electric Toothbrush

Critical Items:
Museum Pass
Personal Earpods for Plane Trip
Bike Helmet
Travel Office: Addresses, Stamps, Paper, Logs
Shaving Brush and Razor

Buy 7 Day Velib Pass
Buy Performance Tickets

Confirm Reservations for Air Travel and Accomodations

Things to Buy
Sharp Knife
Cork Screw
A Glass (some hotels will only provide disposable plastic)
Unique Toiletries
Blank Book or Unique Office Supplies

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