Philip II of France

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Phillippe Auguste

1st French monarch to style himself “King of France” (from 1180 to 1223)
Built the medieval Louvre Castle (Château du Louvre) to reinforce the walls he had built around ParislouvreONEPhilippe

Known for:
Remnants of this Wall appear in Salle Saint-Louis
The Wall of Philip II Augustus built around Paris before he went to the Crusades

Following in Philippe-Auguste Wall’s footsteps

had the main thoroughfares paved,
built a central market, Les Halles,
continued the construction begun in 1163 of Notre-Dame de Paris,
constructed the Louvre as a fortress, and
gave a charter to the University of Paris in 1200
(the first city of teachers the medieval world knew)
Known for Battle of the Wines, a great wine tasting (70 samples) which he commissioned, as told by notable poem, never translated from French

Paris Métro Station
Philippe Auguste (11th Arrondisement)
Line 2: Between:
-Père Lachaise (toward Porte Dauphine)
-DAlexandre Dumas (toward Nation)

Interred in the Basilica of St Denis

Portrayed by:
Christopher Walken (Lion in Winter: 1966 Broadway Production)
Timothy Dalton (Lion in Winter: 1968 Academy Award Winning Film)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Lion in Winter: 2003 Film Remake)
Jonathan Zaccaï (Robin Hood: Ridley Scott’s 2010 Film)


Following in Philippe-Auguste Wall’s footsteps
The Louvre has been standing on the River Seine for more than 800 years, first as a medieval fortress built around 1190 by the crusading King Philippe Auguste (Philip II) and then as a rambling royal palace on which a long chain of French artists and architects put their marks. The kings of France were insatiable collectors, so when the palace opened as a museum in 1793 a treasure trove became the property of the French people.

Kings and Queens of France

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