Phillip II of France

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Philippe Auguste
1st French monarch to style himself “King of France” (from 1180 to 1223)

Known for:
The Wall of Philip II Augustus built around Paris before he went to the Crusades
Remnants of this Wall appear in Salle Saint-Louis

had the main thoroughfares paved,
built a central market, Les Halles,
continued the construction begun in 1163 of Notre-Dame de Paris,
constructed the Louvre as a fortress, and
gave a charter to the University of Paris in 1200
(the first city of teachers the medieval world knew)

Known for Battle of the Wines, a great wine tasting (70 samples) which he commissioned, as told by notable poem, never translated from French

Paris Métro Station
Philippe Auguste (11th Arrondisement)
Line 2: Between:
-Père Lachaise (toward Porte Dauphine)
-DAlexandre Dumas (toward Nation)

Portrayed by:
Christopher Walken (Lion in Winter: 1966 Broadway Production)
Timothy Dalton (Lion in Winter: 1968 Academy Award Winning Film)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Lion in Winter: 2003 Film Remake)
Jonathan Zaccaï (Robin Hood: Ridley Scott’s 2010 Film)

Interred in the Basilica of St Denis


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