I don’t speak French!

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Jim asks us: “i don’t speak the language . . . will that be an issue?”

Yes, it will be an inconvenience – a challenge, but not a disaster. (We did it)
You can get by with 5 – 10 words and phrases
Of course, the more that you learn, the better
And the best way to learn, is to jump in with us . . .

In a recently movie which we enjoy, Juliette Binoche (who is playing a New Yorker) says that her dream vacation would be to somewhere that she doesn’t speak the language.

As a world-wide tourist destination, you might expect everyone to speak English, but there is a focus to preserve the local culture and not compromise.

This is Paris.
And it is impressive.
Which is why we return to Paris.

This said . . . we should learn more french, our Paris trip would so much better if we could speak more French. Some people say it is disrespectful not to learn the language. And they are correct

Learning French

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