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Passport 3

An interested traveler told us that she has never traveled abroad and asked if she should obtain a Passport

Maybe you’ll obtain the Passport this year . . . then travel with us next year
If you do join us this year, you will need a Passport before you buy your airline ticket to Paris

Go to the local Post Office to obtain your Passport application
Form: DS-11
There is a fee (approx $165)
A Passport Photo is also required (2”x2”)

Once all materials are assembled . . .
It isn’t much more effort than mailing a Christmas Package
There may be a line and repeated trips back to the window
And there is processing time (4-6 weeks)

Your Passport is the ultimate trinket
Something that you definitely need when-you-need-it
Maybe one day it will bear airport stamps from Paris, Berlin, London or Tokyo
It is good for 10 years

U.S. Passports and International Travel United States Department of State

Apply for a New Passport United States Post Office

Renew Passport by Mail

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