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(from French for remembrance or memory)

Sacre Couer (Landscape)

Paris, one of the world’s great tourist cities; it is easy to find a souvenir

Tourist Shops (prime examples being the Metro Station close to Arc de Triomphe (Charles de Gaulle Etoile) and the “cirque” atop Sacre Couer in Montmartre
Miniature Eiffel Tower souvenirs (in all sizes) usually hawked by an army of salesmen
(too many sharp points, but admittedly a nice tchotchke)
Perfume Shops which are a nice place to visit, especially if they give away free samples, but buy it at the airport on the way home (and-face-it, most perfumes, wines, cheeses, chocolates and candy can be purchased in the USA)
Items which won’t pass through airport security on your return flight such as knifes, corkscrews, containers of liquids over 2 ounces . . .

Church (Gift Shop) for simple key chain fobs, prayer cards and religious mementos
Museum (Gift Shop) for postcards, blank books and art supplies)
Office Supply for unique stationary, pens and journals

Post Cards
A postcard from Paris, with a French postage stamp is a thoughtful gift
It takes some effort – Buy stamps at the airport upon your arrival, Hunt for the perfect postcard over the course of your trip, then Scribble a recent Paris insight (remember to bring a couple of your favorite pens from home)
The shop on the 1st floor of Le Louvre has a great selection of post cards and stationary

Defer most of your shopping for the final day
Be careful about stuffing your suitcase with Souvenirs early in the trip, then lugging them around for the whole week

Consider making your purchases upon departure at the airport
You have to be there early anyway, it saves carting everything around in your suitcase throughout the trip
Duty Free Shops – the jury is still out, whether they are a great deal – probably not
Most Cheeses, Chocolates, Candies and Perfumes are available at the airport

Capes We found some wonderfully cheesy and gaudy capes in discount clothing stores
Coasters Vintage Coasters, Eclectic Postcards and Art Prints are located in the book stalls along the Seine between Notre Dame and Le Louvre
Candy in Paris vending machines is a novelty, if only for French language appearing on the wrapper (we received good reviews for the waffle item)
There is an interesting Nougatine shop on Île Saint-Louis
Labels from Packages of Cheese and Wine Bottles from your Paris picnics
Items from your Hotel: Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners, Body Wash, Stationary, Teas, etc.
Common Toiletries from Paris Grocery Stores: Stick Deodorants, Lotions,Toothpaste
If you buy lotions, shampoos or eau de toilettes, be aware of the 2 oz airport security rules
(We found 2 oz vials on Amazon, but decided these to be too heavy for packing)
Airline Blankets: we resolve each year to break this snatching habit (though it is our favorite souvenir)

And we are always on the lookout for those cheeses, flavored caramels and liquors which are not available (or possibly illegal) in the United States. This list is short, maybe even a myth, but our eyes are open.

Souvenirs (John Prine)

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