Floor Plan (Louvre)

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Enter the impressive Hall Napoléon either above from the (I .M. Pei) Pyramid entrance above or underground through the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall,

You ascend escalators into the three wings:
Denon Wing (South Wing of the Louvre)
Richelieu Wing (North Wing of the Louvre)
Sully Wing (Original Structure at the East End of the Louvre)

Maps and Tours
There are four levels, and you can move around the museum through all wings.

Probably the most familiar space is the Grande Gallerie

The Galleries of the Louvre:
A Concise Guide and Critical Catalogue
By Henry O’Shea

From Palace to Museum, 800 Years of History

Le Salle Saint-Louis
The medieval Louvre

Salle des Caryatides

Anne of Austria’s summer apartments

The Cour du Sphinx

The Escalier Daru

The Rotonde d’Apollon

Antique glassware room

Salon des sept-Cheminées

The Salle Henri II

The Bronzes room

The Escalier Henri II

The Salle du Conseil d’Etat

The Musée Charles X

The Salle des Boiseries

The Galerie Campana

The Salles Percier et Fontaine

The Salon Carré

The Grande Galerie

The Salon Denon

The Salle Mollien

The Michelangelo gallery

The Cour Puget

The Cour Marly

The Napoleon III Apartments. Large drawing room

The Hall Napoléon and the Pyramid

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