Escalier Daru

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BY FAR, our favorite experience at Le Louvre every visit is ascending the Daru Stairs
We arrive as early as possible, to be one of the first to enter the Denon Wing
Up an escalator, through admission, then ascending a small spiral staircase
Through a hall of Classical and Italian Sculpture – the Daru Stairs appear
with the giant Winged Victory of Samothrace at the top

If it is soon after opening, we ascend an emppty staircase. If it is later in the day, the staircase is littered with loiterers, sculkers and tourists (just like ourselves)

The Daru Stairs
Victory of Samothrace Staircase

Les Escaliers du Louvre

Click to access louvre-pdf-magazine-escaliers.pdf

Click to access louvre-pdf-magazine-escaliers.pdf
The Louvre stairs
Albert ANDRE
Lyon, 1869 – Laudun, 1954
The Daru Stairs, around 1910

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    […] Escalier Daru Victory of Samothrace Staircase Where: Level 0 – Denon Wing. […]

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