Illegal Cheeses and Caramels

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We hear of certain cheeses and confectionery ingredients which are prohibited in the United States

Raw Milk Cheeses may be of concern as well has ripe stinky cheeses which could pollute the air on a trans-atlantic flight
Prohibited?: Soft Runny Cheeses, Uncooked Meats, Products with Uncooked Eggs

When we hear of flavorings and ingredients might cause concern, we first think of something like Absinthe and wormwood
(although I read an article on bar drinks that might not be healthy due to leaching of copper serving cup, adverse affects of wood aging casks and methods of extracting flavors which could create bacterial problems)

Maybe this is fodder of urban legend. Maybe this is common courtesy, not to carry-on a stinky piece of cheese into the closed cabin of an eight hour transatlantic flight

They ask about what you are bringing into the United States, but I don’t know what they have in mind. Maybe certain raw milk cheeses?

This is a topic of interest, which we would like to explore

And, we are looking to find these Illegal Cheeses and Caramels!

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