Christmas Day in Paris

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If you share our love of the early morning, than you will love Christmas in Paris

Be first in line for the Sunrise Service at Notre Dame
This glimpse Paris in the darkness before dawn is our first, since we avoid Central Paris on our arrival day

Afterwards the classic Coffee Houses are open (which we have avoided) but the narrow streets of the Latin Quarter are empty.

Several times we have visited Pied du Corchon (on the right bank) for a breakfast of Onion Soup, sometimes oysters.

Continuing through the Paris streets, we stop into the other (smaller) churches also conducting Christmas services

Musuems are mostly closed except for Centre Pompidou

Many stores are closed. Those few small convenience groceries that are open can be crowded later in the day.

Trains seem to run, but the station at Versailles was closed out of concerns for the recent protesting (we discovered how to arrive into Versaiiles from an alternate station.

Movie Theaters seem to be open and do good business.

Versailles is open Christmas Day, unless it falls on a Monday

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