Les Tour Dix Fountaines

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Maybe 2019 will be the year of touring a fountain each day

Top Ten List of Fountains

Apollo Fountain (Versailes)
Apollo Fountain
Stavinsky Fountain (Centre Pompidou)
Fountain Innoscents (Marais)
Fontaine des Innocents
St Dennis Fountain
(claimed to be the site where St Dennis stopped after his be-heading to clean-up)

The Saint Michel Fountain (The Left Bank)

St.Michael fountain COLOR

Medici Fountain (Jardin du Luxembourg)

Fontaines de la Concorde (Place de la Concorde)
Obelisk of Luxor
(Formerly named Place de la Révolution where many were guillotined,
including King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette
Concorde Fountains
Fontaine des Quatre-Saisons

Fontaine de la Pyramide (Louvre)

Place des Vosges

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