Versailles (Mouvement Social)

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We may have been unfortunate to schedule our first nights at Versailles

Looks like some trains only operate during rush hours
(and we can imagine the commotion during limited hours)
It would like being in the Metro New Years Eve
(perhaps exacerbated by it being weeks of New Years Eve in a row)

Great Suite, but do you want to spend the day in Versailles
Do you want to be stranded on Christmas Day
What if you were to arrive at Versailles and it was not crowded, that would be a bonus

Go with it:
Taxi from CDG to Versailles
Maybe spend the Day at Versailles
-Maybe it will be un·char·ac·ter·is·ti·cal·ly vacant
-Start With That Big Morning Run
-Attend a Christmas Evening Church Service

Return Early Christmas Day
if you dare attempt to do that

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