Andouillette Sausage

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Andouillette is a rustic sausage, which would be difficult to find in the U.S (and not real easy to find in Paris either) It is stuffed with chitterlings (intestines) with a strong barnyard (as in manure) essence, like tripe. Ordered this at Ma Bourgogne (Place des Vosges) and I knew that I’d made the perfect choice when the waiter warned me, IF-I-WAS-SURE that I wanted to order Andouillette. But my favorite Ma Bourgogne memory is when my traveling companion ordered Lamb – medium well, but the chef refused and served this medium rare — “priceless”.

Andouillette Grillée

Where to eat andouillette: France’s stinky, urine-smelling sausage Terry Durack


Troyes (Commune in France)
Thierry shrine of Charcuterie

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