Lost in the Louvre

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The mark of a good vacation, is getting lost,
and you can get lost at the Louvre

Most often this happens after hours spent in the galleries, when you attempt to leave. How do we get out of here? (it is not impossible, only an inconvenience)

We have only found one way to exit, and it is very inconvenient, taking you past all the stores in the Carrousel du Louvre, a busy underground shopping mall. We wonder if there is another way out or what is was last before, when you could just exit the Louvre

But, its just good business. They harness the stream of tourists, like water flowing into a hydroelectric dam. Hundreds of shops pay to benefit from this river of museum guests. Big Time Tourism.

There is no trail to follow which leads you past all the exhibits.
Most visitors rush to the Mona Lisa (we do too)
Many run though the galleries, until warned by the museum guards

If you placed a map of the Louvre on a place-mat at at restaurant. Put down your pencil and trace a route through the entire museum without lifting your pencil or doubling back through any room.

When you visit, this will become apparent.

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