What we Pack

(or more important – what we DON’T pack)

We pack a carry-on bag and do NOT check our luggage
The one piece of luggage will fit into the overhead storage bin and
Any additional items will be stowed at our feet under the seat in front of us

These accomplishes two (2) things:
-it expedites your passage through the airport, and saves you time at baggage claim upon your arrival
-it ensures that you are traveling light – which is critical as we move between hotels every-other day
-and as a bonus, there is no chance of it getting lost

The Best Test is to pre-pack and see what actually fits in your carry-on-bag
When backpacking (where weight is also an issue) we lay everything out and analyze each item
Post-Mortem: toward the end of your trip, consider the dormant items which never left your suitcase. Leave these at home next time.

Some Suggestions:
One good “Outfit” for checking into hotels, where appearances could determine the quality of your accommodations
Light-weight under-garments which can be washed in the sink – and will dry over-night
We purchase toiletries in France, as souvenirs and also collect the fancy French luxury soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc from hotels
WAIT to purchase souvenirs and gifts until the end of the trip, so you don’t lug-these-items-around all week

THE GETAWAY: Shoes the Pros Use
The wrong footwear can turn a trip into torture. So what shoes should you pack? Here are tips from tour guides.

How to Fit Two Weeks Worth of Luggage Under the Airplane Seat in Front of You
By Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
How to pack an insanely efficient travel bag

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