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Crunching the Numbers to Find the Best Airfare: Seth Kugel (New York Times)
Readers Respond on Bags, Airfares and Global Entry (Reader Comments)


Here is a good analysis for Airfare shopping, and a caution to consider the flight (the trip) as a whole.
Consider what you would compromise for $100.00 in savings.
Are you willing to add a stop or two to your flight?
Are you willing to spend your first day waiting in the (Dublin, Frankfort, Montreal) airport instead of arriving early morning in Paris?
The route to Paris is popular and there seems to be little variation in price among airlines and flights, especially during the holidays.
Instead shopping for a fifty dollar savings, consider to focus your search on a nonstop flight, a premium airline or the “prized” aisle seat.
We have found that your best itinerary can be accomplished by making your reservation as early as possible, although there are always exceptions.

In the end, anyway that you can get to Paris will work in the end
(We flew on a non-stop to CDG, diverted to Zurich on account of high-winds – eventually arriving into Paris at midnight by bus, after 8 hours on the road)

Best Air Fares to Paris Best Fare Finder (U.S. News & World Report)
We are all “cheapskates” when it comes to selecting fares. Look beyond the least expensive prices, most of these involve an extended lay-over in an intermediate city. Balance the additional costs (time and money) of adding another night to your trip, but also consider the new possibilities which this provides

(Marketplace Web Site – American Public Media)
I signed-up to receive Air Fare Watchdog emails for Paris, and receive frequent notices for special rates
Unfortunately “Holiday Travel” seems to be restricted, but I keep looking
Here are some of the airlines mentioned in their emails:
Aer Lingus
LOT Polish Airlines
Turkish Airlines

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