Basic French

My very first day in Paris, I walked up to a guy in front of a record store and asked “Where can I get a bottle of water?”
He didn’t even acknowledge me, looked right through me like he had a learning disability.

Some people are like a peach – fuzzy on the outside with a hard pit inside
Others are like coconuts – a hard shell on the outside, but sweet inside

Sometimes, you can break through the hard exterior of a Parisian by speaking their language, or at least making an attempt.

Bonjour (Hello, Good Morning)
Bonsoir (Hello, Good Afternoon, Good Evening)
Au revoir (Good Bye)

S’il vous plaît (Please) see-voo-play
Merci (Thank you) mare-see

Je voudraise (I would like . . .) Zhay voo Dray

It’s amazing how far you can get on knowing 10 phrases:

My Name is:
Do you speak english?

It is good to know some nouns so you can say:

One baguette please
One americano please
One cheese please
But you can always point and be polite

Of Course:
Thank You

Good Bye

C’est si bon (“It’s so good”)

c’est si bon de partir n’importe o bras dessus bras dessous en chantant des chansons
c’est si bon de se dire des mots doux des petits rien du tout mais qui en disent long

en voyant notre mine ravie les passants dans la rue nous envient
c’est si bon de guetter dans ses yeux un espoir merveilleux qui donne le frisson
c’est si bon ces petites sensations et si nous nous aimons c’est parc’que c’est si bon

c’est inou ce qu’il a pour sduire sans parler de c’que je n’peux pas dire
c’est si bon quand j’le tiens dans ses bras de me dire que tout a c’est moi pour de bon
c’est si bon et si nous nous aimons cherchez pas la raison c’est parc’que c’est si bon
c’est parce que c’est si bon c’est parce que c’est si bon
c’est si bon


C’est si bon
Lovers say that in france
When they thrill to romance
It means that itґs so good
Cґest si bon
So I say to you
Like the french people do
Because itґs oh so good.
Every word, every sigh, every kiss, dear,
Leads to only one thought
And the thought is this, dear!
Cґest si bon
Nothing else can replace
Just your slyest embrace
And if you only would
Be my own for the rest of my days
I will whisper this phrase
My darling, my darling…
C’est si bon!

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