40 Days of Paris

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Just over-a-month till our departure across the sea to France
If you are a procrastinator, we are crossing the threshold of where airfares may begin to rise
(Under 20 days, it may be hard to find reasonable ticket prices)

For many of you, a flight to Paris is not a reality this year.
More realistically – a concept to push forward into next year.

If you are still sitting on the fence or even if there is no chance of joining us until Christmas 2015,
you can still experience some of the excitement:

If you don’t have a Passport , you can pick-up an application at your local post office

You can at-least-look-at Airfares
Scan Expedia,
Sign Up for Emails from Airfare Watchdog or
Search for bargains with Aer Lingus, Icelandair, Lot Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines

And Window-Shop for lodgings starting with the establishments where we will stay at Les Quatre Hôtels

If this is the year to join us, even if you are not absolutely certain . . .
Join our Waiting List so we can assemble our roster

For Paris – for me – for many years, just the dream sufficed

2015 Paris Itinerary

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