60 Days of Paris

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Just 2 months till our departure across the sea to France


We realize that this is not a impulse venture.
For many of you, this could be a a once in a lifetime adventure, which means – “wait until next year”

Last weekend in Chicago, Les Tour de Cimetières visited Graceland Cemetery .
The grave sites include those of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, the 1st African American Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Roger Ebert and a amazing cast of other occupants

It might be too late to obtain a Passport ,
But, if you do have a passport, Airline Tickets can still be obtained – maybe even for some non-stop flights

Rooms may not be available at all the four Paris-area hotels (Les Quatre Hôtels ) where we will stay, so let us know if we can suggest alternative lodgings.

2015 Paris Itinerary

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