Chaussée aux Moines

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This is My Paris Fromage (cheese)

One guilty pleasure (which may destroy my French cheese credibility) is always available in Paris convenience stores. You won’t need to go into a cheese shop (fromagerie) to find Chausse aux Moines.

Some might look forward to their first taste of European butter or an omelett when arriving in Paris. For me, it’s Chausse aux Moines on a fresh French baguette – slathered with strong Dijon style mustard.

This semi soft wheel of cheese, a curious springy hockey puck, is never over ripe, with a pleasant chewy quality and a delicious rind.

Some Cheese Snobs will dismiss me, but for an American, Chaussée aux Moines is superior to Kraft, Cracker Barrel or other generial supermarket cheeses. When my traveling companion ate it, she described it as stinky. (which for me is a badge-of-honor)


“Carriageway (or Roadway) of the Monks” Cheese Wikipedia Translation

Life in France: One Stinky Cheese at a Time A Year in Cheese (Kazz Regelman)

A mass produced commercial (“industrial”) cheese, manufactured by a large company with a complete advertising campaign.

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